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Torque required to launch a tennis ball

The tennis ball is put down a pipe and ends up wedged in between 2 wheels (radius = 0.05 m) driven by the two 12 V DC electric motors. The picture below should hopefully clarify the situation: The electric motors are spinning at ~7000 RPM (no load), the motor specs are here: http://www.banebots.com/product/M5-RS555-12.html.

Tennis Ball Machine - Tennis ball launcher [the complete guide]

The Prince machines were the first tennis ball launchers available on a large-scale commercial basis and sparked a revolution in the tennis machine industry. These pneumatic machines remained the technology of choice for many years until counter-rotating wheel systems appeared on the market.

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Max ball speed (measured) 70 mph: 70 mph: 65 mph: 82 mph: Max spin (measured) 3000 rpm: 3000 rpm: 2200 rpm: 1600 rpm: Ball capacity: 100: 150: 150: 300: Quick swap battery: free: $99: $50: AC Only: Remote Control: free (iPhone app) $300 (iPhone app) $400 (16 button) $995 (iPhone app) Active braking: yes: no: no: no: MSRP: $1595: $2599: $3395: $6995

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Dc Motor 24v for Tennis Ball Launch Machines No Load 3600rpm Option for Volley Ball / Football Pitching Machine brush dc motor $4.99-$11.99 / Piece 2 Pieces (Min. Order)

How to Make a Ball Launcher : 38 Steps (with Pictures ...

We used two CNC motors to drive friction wheels, of which the speed can reach 120km/h theoretically. The machine is strong enough because of its metal framework. The maximum no-load speed of the friction wheels could be close to 10000RPM, so that please be careful in your progress of testing.

Tennis Physics: Anatomy of a Serve - Popular Mechanics

The average 2400-rpm spin rate Yandell has observed in Roddick's 130-mph serves doubles after the ball hits the court's surface--to a whopping 4800 rpm. This creates the "heavy ball" effect--a ...

Lobster Tennis Ball Machine Repair | Electric Machines Parts

Electric Machines Parts. If you know what Lobster tennis ball machine parts you need to repair your model, please purchase by selecting from the list to the right. If you have questions or need a part not listed, please call us at 800-526-4041 or email us. Part Number.

Homemade Table Tennis Robot for ~$230 : 4 Steps (with ...

This being said, a larger wheel allows for better granularity of speed as well as quieter operation (lower motor RPM). The downside is that the throwing head needs to be a bit larger. 2) If you throw a ball with absolutely no spin (in table tennis this is a dead ball, in other sports it may be known as a knuckle ball) it will fly very ...